Who We Are

WeGotCode.com is a network of senior software developers in the Atlanta area, all with years of experience in desktop, web, and mobile software development.

Together the team at WeGotCode.com is working to become the premier solutions provider of custom business software in the Atlanta Area.

About the founder

Shannon Price moved to the Atlanta area in 1993 to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his schooling, he worked in several IT related jobs, including network and desktop support and creating user interfaces. He earned his BME (Mechanical Engineering) and worked as a materials handling project lead and system designer before changing to a full-time career in software development in 2000.

He worked at various technology companies, in industries such as audio search technology, credit card payment systems, retail, and debt collections. During that time, he gained experience in creating systems using technologies like .NET, C++, PHP, and SQL Server. In 2007 Shannon founded Shamrock Software Solutions, the forerunner to WeGotCode.com and focused on custom web development for industries like real estate. Before his current position he worked for several years as a software development manager, leading up to three scrum teams concurrently.

In 2016, Shannon founded Providence Holdings, LLC, the parent company of WeGotCode.com. He now writes code on a daily basis and also manages projects for some of the biggest companies in the Atlanta area. As he has during his entire career, he stays close to the technology and remains current in his skillset. He recently wrote a credit card servicing, authorization, and transaction processing service for a major big-box retailer, using .NET Core.

Building an Expert Development Team for YOU
If you have a project that needs a team of pros to knock it out ASAP, We can help. We’re flexible – able to take on small projects but can also scale up for big projects too! Let us use our network to your advantage.

Founder, Shannon Price