TFS Consulting Services

Providence is now offering professional services for Team Foundation Service (TFS).  We have extensive experience with many versions of Visual Studio and TFS, up to and including TFS 2015 and Visual Studio Team Services.  Additionally, we can help you set up a Continuous Integration environment using the older TFS Build System (XAML-based) or the new Scripted Build System.

These systems can also be coupled with Octopus Deploy to enable truly automated builds and deployments!  Imagine a development environment with gated check-ins and gated deployments.  All developer check-ins will be compiled, unit tests verified, and development and/or QA environments updated automatically.  SQL Server changes can be automated as well.  When QA signs off on your changes, they can then be propagated to your Integration Testing environment and then to Production.

Get rid of your error-prone manual deployment processes…we can show you how.  Contact Us today!

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