Welcome (OLD)

Welcome to wegotcode.com – the new home of Providence Holdings* online.  Please check out our site and see how our expertise can help your business to succeed!  Then Contact Us so that we can get started on your project.



What we do



We provide various professional services, including:


  • Microsoft .NET software development (including MVC, ASP.NET)
  • Microsoft SQL Server development
  • Design / Architecture consulting
  • Automated build & deployment services


We gladly handle both small and large projects, work within your budget and your expectations, and provide excellent service.  We can also assist you with extending existing solutions and integrating your various systems.  The company founder has over 15 years of experience in modern development technologies and can work anywhere in the technology stack – from web development to enterprise services and business logic.


See our Specialties page for more details.



How we do it



First, contact us and provide a brief description of your needs / situation.  We will review your existing code assets and provide an estimate and recommendations on the best solution.  If you decide to use us for your project, we will keep in close communication regarding progress, expected completion dates, and any complications that we encounter  during the process.  We strive to make the development process as fair and transparent as possible, so that you’ll  always feel comfortable and in the loop on the progress of your work.  We want to be your go-to provider for software development and support services.