Why do you focus on .NET technologies?

It’s good to specialize, especially in this industry. There’s simply too much to learn and the technology evolves too quickly.

In the past there have been many “Enterprise class” approaches to writing software, and to be honest most of them can be used to accomplish the same goal. The issue today is that many of those technologies have simply not been actively maintained and extended over the years. They tend to progress by means of 3rd party frameworks that keep them relevant and current.

Microsoft has been pretty proactive about reading the tea leaves and integrating modern design patterns into their frameworks. At the same time, the real cost of developing with their tools continues to drop. They have huge market penetration and now offer comprehensive software development services, including project tracking and cloud hosting.

Many of their previously very expensive development tools and even their database server have free versions that satisfy the requirements of almost any small to midsize business. In short, we are able to complete projects more quickly and affordably using these technologies.

Do you do system support or general IT functions (setup, networking, admin)?

Generally no. We only do this for existing customers when it’s necessary to support a custom solution.

Can you design a website for my business?

It depends. We are now partnering with a local web design and development firm that produces beautiful websites. If you’re website is fairly simple (blog, company promotional site), contact us and we’ll gladly refer you to them.

We’ve got you covered though if your project is larger in scope, something containing a database of your sales data, inventory, etc. and the need for a lot of customization. Now with our strategic partnership we can build you an incredible looking site that integrates perfectly with your other systems.